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My brother is a fisherman

My brother is a fisherman and that can be a little too exciting sometimes,  especially when the weather is rather stormy. The fisheries The main occupation on my childhood island is fishing. My father was not a fisherman, but it was his hobby. I often joined him, but I struggled with sea sickness so I … Continue reading “My brother is a fisherman”

Finally the sun is back

Finally the sun is back

Finally the sun is back. When I saw her from my sofa  for a few seconds I decided to take a hike in the mountain just to get a glance of her before she disappeared behind the mountains. And I was not alone. It felt like the whole town was taking a hike to inspect … Continue reading “Finally the sun is back”

Fallen angels of breast implant

  To the fallen angels of breast implant illness. You deserved better. THIS ANNUAL MEMORIAL HONOURS WOMEN GLOBALLY who’ve lost their lives after having Breast Implants. It includes long-time advocates and women whose implants may or may not have definitively, or directly, factored into their death. Just being a silicone sister is enough. If they were … Continue reading “Fallen angels of breast implant”

Breast exam

November-December 2019 From heaven to hell

November 30 was a great day and little did I know that this was the greatest day for a long time. My choir held a concert with Chris Medina. We were considered to be backing vocalists and on our repertoir were mostly music I guess we all associate with Christmas. Afterwards we went out to … Continue reading “November-December 2019 From heaven to hell”


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